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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Jul-2008Two year clinical wear performance of two different polyacid modified resin composites in posterior permanent teeth-Article
28-Feb-2008Influence of energy density of different light sources on knoop hardness of a dual cured resin cement-Article
2005Influência da contaminação com saliva na microinfiltração de restaurações de resina composta-Article
2006Microinfiltração em restaurações de resina de classe II com margens em dentina usando diferentes técnicas restauradoras-Article
2011The effect of investment materials on the color of feldspathic ceramics-Article
Jun-2012In vitro evaluation of the whitening effect of mouth rinses containing hydrogen peroxide-Article
2006Shrinkage stress of three composites under different polymerization methods-Article
2009Influence of microleakage surface roughness and biofilm control on secondary caries formation around composite resin restorations an in situ evaluation-Article
2004Sealing ability of MTA, super EBA, vitremer and amalgam as root-end filling materials-Article
2013Type of resin cement influences microleakage in ceromer inlays-Article
2009Over the counter whitening agents a concise review-Article
2012Child maltreatment a survey of dentists in southern Brazil-Article
2007Flexural strength and modulus of elasticity of different types of resin based composites-Article
2010Where and how are Brazilian dental students using Glass lonomer Cement-Article
2008Inflamação gengival em relação ao acabamento de restaurações de classe V-Article
2004Vinte e quatro meses de heterocontrole da fluoretação das águas de abastecimento público de Pelotas Rio Grande do Sul Brasil-Article
2004Influence of the restoration quality on the success of pulpotomy treatment: a preliminary retrospective study-Article
2011Traumatismos dentários e ambiente físico escolar Pelotas RS Brasil-Article
2006Fiber reinforced fixed partial dentures a preliminary retrospective clinical study-Article
2004Microleakage in bonded amalgam restorations using different adhesive materials-Article