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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010Survey on the occurrence of dental trauma and preventive strategies among Brazilian professional soccer playersCorrea, Marcos Britto; Schuch, Helena Silveira; Collares, Kauê Farias; Torriani, Dione Dias; Correa, Marcos Britto; Hallal, Pedro Rodrigues Curi; Demarco, Flávio FernandoArticle
2010Adesão aos substratos dentários e seus principais aspectos uma revisão da literaturaDonassollo, Tiago Aurélio; Lima, Fábio Garcia; Rodrigues Júnior, Sinval Adalberto; Souza, Fábio Herrmann Coelho de; Demarco, Flávio FernandoArticle
2013Methods and logistics of a multidisciplinary survey of schoolchildren from Pelotas in the southern region of BrazilGoettems, Marília Leão; Correa, Marcos Britto; Ferreira, Fabiana Vargas; Torriani, Dione Dias; Marques, Margarete; Domingues, Marlos Rodrigues; Hallal, Pedro Rodrigues Curi; Demarco, Flávio FernandoArticle
2007Comparative chemical study of MTA and portland cements-Article
2012Prevalence of percutaneous injuries and associated factors among dental surgeons-Article
2006Avaliação clínica de restaurações de resina condensável após dois anos-Article
2013Preparation, modification, and characterization of alginate hydrogel with nano-/microfibers: a new perspective for tissue engineering-Article
2009Buccal cells submitted to three different storage conditions before DNA extraction-Article
2010Fixed partial dentures in an up to 8-year follow-up-Article
2011Surface roughness of orthodontic band cements with different compositions-Article
2010Influence of adhesive system and bevel preparation on fracture strength of teeth restored with composite resin-Article
2012Effectiveness of different carbamide peroxide concentrations used for tooth bleaching an in vitro study-Article
2012A randomized double blind clinical trial of posterior composite restorations with or without bevel 1 year follow up-Article
2012Association between obesity and periodontal disease in young adults: a population-based birth cohort-Article
2009Commercial swine model: an alternative for direct pulp capping studies-Article
2011Three-Year Clinical Performance of Composite Restorations Placed by Undergraduate Dental Students-Article
2011Oral lichenoid lesions associated with amalgam restorations: report of two cases-Article
1-Jul-2008Two year clinical wear performance of two different polyacid modified resin composites in posterior permanent teeth-Article
2006Microinfiltração em restaurações de resina de classe II com margens em dentina usando diferentes técnicas restauradoras-Article
2011The effect of investment materials on the color of feldspathic ceramics-Article