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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009Chemical and microbiological characteristics of rice husk bedding having distinct depths and used for growing-finishing swineCorrêa, Érico Kunde; Bianchi, Ivan; Perondi, Arlan; Santos, J.R.G. de los; Corrêa, Marcio Nunes; Castilhos, D. D.; Gil-Turnes, Carlos; Lucia Júnior, Thomazarticle
2002Risk factors for stillbirth in two swine farms in the South of BrazilLucia Júnior, Thomaz; Corrêa, Marcio Nunes; Deschamps, João Carlos; Bianchi, Ivan; Donin, Mauro A.; Machado, Ana C.; Meincke, Werner; Matheus, Jairo E. M.article
7-Oct-1998Effect of equine chorionic gonadotropin on weaning-to-first service interval and litter size of female swineSechin, A.; Deschamps, João Carlos; Lucia Júnior, Thomaz; Aleixo, José A. G.; Bordignon, V.article
2000Lifetime reproductive performance In female swine having distinct reasons for removalLucia Júnior, Thomaz; Dial, Gary D.; Marsh, William E.article
2008Evaluation of amides and centrifugation temperature in boar semen cryopreservationBianchi, Ivan; Calderam, Kérlin; Maschio, Éder Francisco; Madeira, Elisângela Mirapalheta; Ulguim, Rafael da Rosa; Corcini, Carine Dahl; Bongalhardo, Denise Calisto; Corrêa, Érico Kunde; Lucia Júnior, Thomaz; Deschamps, João Carlos; Corrêa, Marcio Nunesarticle
9-Jun-2010Cryprotectant effect of trehalose and low-density lipoprotein in extenders for frozen ram spermTonieto, Rafael Adolfo; Goulart, Karina Lemos; Gastal, Gustavo Desire Antunes; Schiavon, Raquel Schiavon; Deschamps, João Carlos; Lucia Júnior, Thomazarticle
Feb-2010In vitro penetration of swine oocytes by homologous spermatozoa: Distinct systems for gamete’s co-incubation and oocyte’s cryopreservationMacedo Júnior, Milton Carvalho; Lucia Júnior, Thomaz; Rambo, Gissele; Ferreira Filho, E. B.; Rosa, A. P.; Fabiane, C.; Cabral, M.; Deschamps, João Carlosarticle
2002Reproductive performance of early-weaned female swine according to their estrus profile and artificial insemination frequencyCorrêa, Marcio Nunes; Lucia Júnior, Thomaz; Afonso, J. A. B.; Deschamps, João Carlosarticle
2006In vitro penetration of fresh and vitrified swine oocytes by homologous spermatozoa using different incubation systemsMacedo Júnior, Milton Carvalho; Deschamps, João Carlos; Lucia Júnior, Thomaz; Bordignon, Jonas; Serret, Carolina Gonçalves; Rambo, Gissele; Pivato, Ivo; Schmitt, Eduardoarticle