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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2006Characterization of estrus profile in female swine and its accuracy in estimating ovulation time in comparison to ultrasound diagnosisAlvarenga, Marcus Vinicius Figueira de; Bianchi, Ivan; Schmitt, Eduardo; Varela Júnior, Antonio Sergio; Calderam, Odirlei; Corrêa, Marcio Nunes; Deschamps, João Carlos; Lucia Júnior, Thomazarticle
Jun-2000Lifetime reproductive and financial performance of female swineLucia Júnior, Thomaz; Dial, Gary D.; Marsh, William E.article
2009Chemical and microbiological characteristics of rice husk bedding having distinct depths and used for growing-finishing swineCorrêa, Érico Kunde; Bianchi, Ivan; Perondi, Arlan; Santos, J.R.G. de los; Corrêa, Marcio Nunes; Castilhos, D. D.; Gil-Turnes, Carlos; Lucia Júnior, Thomazarticle
1998Effect of mating frequency and weaning-to-mating interval on sow reproductive performanceXue, J. L.; Lucia Júnior, Thomaz; Koketsu, Y.; Dial, Gary D.; Marsh, William E.article
Jan-2006Importância do uso da inseminação artificial na prevenção da veiculação de patógenos através do sêmen suínoBianchi, Ivan; Schaaf, Sílvia; Corrêa, Érico Kunde; Perondi, Arlan; Lucia Júnior, Thomaz; Deschamps, João Carlos; Corrêa, Marcio Nunesarticle
2005Intrauterine artificial insemination of swine with different sperm concentrations, parities,and methods for prediction of ovulationSerret, Carolina Gonçalves; Alvarenga, Marcus Vinicius Figueira de; Cória, A.L.P.; Dias, C.P.; C.P., C.D.; Corrêa, Marcio Nunes; Deschamps, João Carlos; Bianchi, Ivan; Lucia Júnior, Thomazarticle
May-2009Effects of different litter depths on environmental parameters and growth performance of growing finishing pigsCorrêa, Érico Kunde; Bianchi, Ivan; Ulguim, Rafael da Rosa; Corrêa, Marcio Nunes; Gil-Turnes, Carlos; Lucia Júnior, Thomazarticle
Feb-2010In vitro penetration of swine oocytes by homologous spermatozoa: Distinct systems for gamete’s co-incubation and oocyte’s cryopreservationMacedo Júnior, Milton Carvalho; Lucia Júnior, Thomaz; Rambo, Gissele; Ferreira Filho, E. B.; Rosa, A. P.; Fabiane, C.; Cabral, M.; Deschamps, João Carlosarticle