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Title: Geração de resíduos sólidos em eventos gastronômicos: o Festiqueijo de Carlos Barbosa, RS
Authors: Nery, Carlos Henrique Cardona
Conto, Suzana Maria de
Zaro, Marcelo
Pistorello, Josiane
Pereira, Gisele Silva
Abstract: The study presents the gravimetric composition of solid waste generated in Festiqueijo 2007, a gastronomic festival held annually in the city of Carlos Barbosa, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Solid waste generated from all sectors of the festival was collected and weighed during the four weeks of the event. The largest fractions of components present in the composition of that waste are: glass (81.79%), paper and cardboard(5.49%) and putrescible organic waste (4.60%). Such studies allow reflection on the solid waste management for the next festivals or for other gastronomic activities, assisting in filling gaps in the environmental planning of gastronomic events.
Keywords: Gastronomia
Geração de resíduos sólidos
Festival gastronômico
Solid waste generation
Citation: NERY, C.H.C. et al. Geração de resíduos sólidos em eventos gastronômicos: o Festiqueijo de Carlos Barbosa - Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil. Rosa dos Ventos, v. 5, p. 264-279, 2013.
Issue Date: 2013
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