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Title: Tenascin and fibronectin expression after pulp capping with different hemostatic agents a preliminary study
Authors: Baldissera, Elaine de Fátima Zanchin
Silva, Adriana Fernandes da
Gomes, Ana Paula Neutzling
Etges, Adriana
Botero, Tatiana
Demarco, Flávio Fernando
Tarquinio, Sandra Beatriz Chaves
Abstract: This study investigated the expression of extracellular matrix glycoproteins tenascin (TN)and fibronectin (FN) in pulp repair after capping with calcium hydroxide (CH), following different hemostasis protocols. Class I cavities with a pulp exposure were prepared in 42 human third molars scheduled for extraction. Different hemostatic agents (0.9% saline solution, 5.25% sodium hypochlorite and 2% chlorhexidine digluconate) were used and pulps were capped with CH cement. After 7, 30 or 90 days, teeth were extracted, formalin-fixed, and prepared for immunohistochemical technique. Hemostatic agents did not influence the expression of TN and FN. Both glycoproteins were found in the entire the pulp tissue and around collagen fibers, but were absent in the mineralized tissues. In the predentin, TN showed positive immunostaining and FN had a variable expression. Within 7 days post-treatment, a slightly more pronounced immunostaining on the pulp exposure site was observed. Within 30 days, TN and FN demonstrated a positive expression around the dentin barrier and at 90 days, a thin and linear expression of TN and FN was delimitating the reparative dentin. In conclusion, hemostatic agents did not influence TN and FN expression. Immunostaining for TN and FN was seen in different regions and periods, demonstrating their role in pulp repair.
Keywords: Dental pulp capping
Calcium hydroxide
Extracellular matrix
Publisher: Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto
Citation: BALDISSERA, Elaine Zanchin ; SiILVA, Adriana Fernandes da; GOMES, Ana Paula Neutzling; ETGES, Adriana; BOTERO, TATIANA; DEMARCO, Flavio Fernando; TARQUINIO, Sandra Beatriz Chaves. Tenascin and Fibronectin Expression after Pulp Capping with Different Hemostatic Agents: A Preliminary Study. Brazilian Dental Journal (Impresso), v. 24, p. 188-193, 2013.
Issue Date: 2013
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