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Title: The effect of investment materials on the color of feldspathic ceramics
Authors: Cubas, Glória Beatriz de Azevedo
Fontes, Silvia Terra
Camacho, Guilherme Brião
Demarco, Flávio Fernando
Cenci, Tatiana Pereira
Abstract: Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of investment type on the color of feldspathic ceramics. Methods: Ceramic specimens were constructed using the refractory die technique, using four investments (i.e., Vitadurvest, Duravest, Duceralay Superfit, and Fortune) to observe their effect on the color of five commercially available ceramics (i.e., Super Porcelain EX-3, Vision Esthetic, Vintage Halo, IPS Classic, and Vitadur Alpha). The color analysis of the ceramics was performed with a colorimeter using the CIE L*a*b* color coordinates. Results: The investments produced significant alterations on a*, b*, and L* color parameters of the ceramics tested. The ceramic Vision Esthetic was influenced by the type of investment in all color parameters (P<.05). Two investments (Duravest and Fortune) produced alterations in color parameters with three of the five ceramics tested. Conclusions: The investment materials produced alterations on the ceramic color parameters, resulting in unacceptable chromatic alterations (ΔE*). (Eur J Dent 2011;5:433-440)
Keywords: Investment
Publisher: Dental Investigações Society
Citation: CUBAS,G; FONTES, ST ; CAMACHO, Guilherme Brião; DEMARCO, Flávio Fernando; CENCI, Tatiana Pereira. The effect of investment materials on the color of feldspathic ceramics. European Journal of Dentistry, v. 5, p. 433-440, 2011.
Issue Date: 2011
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