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Title: Fiber reinforced fixed partial dentures a preliminary retrospective clinical study
Other Titles: Próteses parciais fixas reforçadas por fibras um estudo clínico retrospectivo preliminar
Authors: Piovesan, Edno Moacir
Demarco, Flávio Fernando
Piva, Evandro
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical performance (retention rate) of fiber-reinforced composite fixed partial dentures (FPDs). Polyethylene fiber(Ribbond®) was used combined with restorative composite during FPDs fabrication. FPDs were placed in thirteen patients in a private clinic. Nineteen FPDS were evaluated. The prosthetic space was filled with only one pontic using extracted teeth (2 cases), acrylic resin teeth (11 cases), or with composite resin (6 cases), combined with Polyethylene fiber. The clinical criterion used was based on retention rate of FPDs. If FPDs were in function in the mouth at the time of examination without previous repair they were classified as Complete Survival (CS) restorations. A classification of Survival with Rebonding (SR) was assigned in the event of an adhesive failure, but after rebonding the FPD still remained under evaluation. Treatment was classified as a Failure (F) if the FPD restoration was lost. The time of evaluation was 41.15 months(±15.13). The FPDs evaluated were retained (CS=94.75%), and no failure was found except for in one situation which required rebonding (SR=5.25%).According to the survival estimation method of Kaplan-Meyer the mean survival time was 42.3 months. At the time of evaluation investigated, polyethylene-reinforced FPDs showed a favorable retention rate in preliminary data.
Keywords: Polyethylene
Clinical trial
Composite resins
Reinforced dental composites
Publisher: Universidade de São Paulo
Citation: PIOVESAN, Edno Moacir; DEMARCO, Flávio Fernando; PIVA, Evandro. Fiber-reinforced fixed partial dentures: a preliminary retrospective clinical study. Journal of Applied Oral Science (Impresso), Bauru, v. 14, n.2, p. 100-104, 2006.
Issue Date: 2006
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