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Title: Luting glass ceramic restorations using a selfadhesive resin cement under different dentin conditions
Authors: Guarda, Guilherme B.
Gonçalves, Luciano S.
Correr, Américo Bortolazzo
Moraes, Rafael Ratto de
Sinhoreti, Mário Alexandre Coelho
Correr Sobrinho, Lourenço
Abstract: Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate the bond strength of ceramic restorations luted using a self-adhesive resin cement (RelyX Unicem, 3M ESPE) under different dentin conditions. Material and Methods: In the experimental groups, ceramic restorations were luted to bovine incisors with RelyX Unicem under the following conditions:[Dry dentin]: surface was dried using air stream for 15 s; [Moist dentin]: excess denti self-etching adhesive system was previously applied to dentin. In the Control group,cementation was done using an etch-and-rinse adhesive (Excite DSC) and Variolink II resin cement (Ivoclar Vivadent). Photoactivation of the resin cements was performed with beams and microtensile testing was carried out. Data were subjected to ANOVA and Tukey’s of all other groups, which showed similar results. A predominance of mixed failures was detected for the control group, while a predominance of adhesive failures was observed for the "bonding agent" and "dry dentin" groups. The "moist dentin" group presented predominantly cohesive failures within the luting material. The previous application of a be removed for the cementation of ceramic restorations with self-adhesive resin cements.
Keywords: Dental bonding
Dental cements
Dental porcelain
Tensile strength
Publisher: University of São Paulo
Citation: GUARDA, Guilherme B.; GONÇALVES, Luciano S.; CORRER, Américo B. ; MORAES, Rafael Ratto de; SINHORETI, Mário A. C. ; CORRER-SOBRINHO, Lourenço; . Luting glass ceramic restorations using self-adhesive resin cement under different dentin conditions. Journal of Applied Oral Science (Impresso), v. 18, p. 244-248, 2010.
Issue Date: 2010
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