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Title: Morphological analysis of glass, carbon and glass/carbon fiber posts and bonding to self or dual-cured resin luting agents
Authors: Spazzin, Aloísio Oro
Moraes, Rafael Ratto de
Cecchin, Doglas
Farina, Ana Paula
Carlini Júnior, Bruno
Correr Sobrinho, Lourenço
Abstract: Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the morphology of glass (GF), carbon (CF) and glass/carbon (G/CF) fiber posts and their bond strength to self or dual-cured resin luting agents. Material and Methods: Morphological analysis of each post type was conducted under scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Bond strength was evaluated by microtensile test after bisecting the posts and re-bonding the two halves with the luting agents. Data were subjected to two-way ANOVA and Tukey’s test (α=0.05). Failure modes were evaluated under optical microscopy and SEM. Results: GF presented wider fibers and higher amount of matrix than CF, and G/CF presented carbon fibers surrounded by glass fibers, and both involved by matrix. For CF and GF, the dual-cured material presented significantly higher (p<0.05) bond strength than the self-cured agent. For the dual agent, CF presented similar bond strength to GF (p>0.05), but higher than that of G/CF (p<0.05). For the self-cured agent, no significant differences (p>0.05)were detected, irrespective of the post type. For GF and G/CF, all failures were considered mixed, while a predominance of adhesive failures was detected for CF. Conclusion: The bonding between fiber posts and luting agents was affected by the type of fibers and polymerization mode of the cement. When no surface treatment of the post is performed, the bonding between glass fiber post and dual-cured agent seems to be more reliable.
Keywords: Scanning electron microscopy
Post and core technique
Resin cements
Tensile strength
Publisher: University of São Paulo
Citation: SPAZZIN, Aloísio Oro; MORAES, Rafael Ratto de; CECCHIN, Doglas; FARINA, Ana Paula; CARLINI-JÚNIO, Bruno; CORRER-SOBRINHO, Lourenço. Morphological analysis of glass, carbon and glass/carbon fiber posts and bonding to self or dual-cured resin luting agents. Journal of Applied Oral Science (Impresso), v. 17, p. 476-480, 2009.
Issue Date: 2009
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