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Title: Swarm-GAP: A Swarm Based Approximation Algorithm for E-GAP
Authors: Ferreira Júnior, Paulo Roberto
Bazzan, Ana Lúcia Cetertich
Abstract: Coordinating e orts of teams of professionals to search and rescue victims of emergency situations is a key point in dis- aster management. The disasters scenarios have been mod- elled as a distributed and large scale Extended Generalized Allocation Problem (E-GAP).We propose a novel algorithm to approximate the solution of E-GAP based on the theoret- ical division of labor models from colonies of social insects (swarms), called Swarm-GAP. This algorithm uses a proba- bilistic decision model, based on the social insects tendency of performing certain tasks. Each agent has an individual threshold used together with a stimulus associated with the tasks to compute that tendency. The Swarm-GAP means low communication and uses simple mechanisms. We show that the Swarm-GAP achieves rewards very close to the ones achieved by a greedy centralized approach.
Keywords: Large scale multiagent systems
Task and resource allocation in agente systems
collective and emergent agent behavior
Citation: FERREIRA JÚNIOR, Paulo Roberto ; BAZZAN, Ana Lúcia Cetertich . Swarm-GAP: a swarm based approximation algorithm for E-GAP. In: First International Workshop on Agent Technology for Disaster Management (ATDM 2006) - 5th International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents And Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2006), 2006, Hakodate. First International Workshop on Agent Technology for Disaster Management (ATDM 2006), 2006. v. 1. p. 49-55.
Issue Date: 2006
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