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Title: Antisystemic movements and international relations: a theoretical perspective for the understanding of the world-system
metadata.dc.creator: Pennaforte, Charles
Abstract: This present essay is a return by this author to the analysis of antisystemic movements proposed back in 2013 in the field of international relations when the performance of Venezuela by Hugo Chávez in Latin America and his oil diplomacy was reviewed (PENNAFORTE, 2013). Therefore, this work is an update (and a translation into English from its Portuguese Edition in 2020), and simultaneously a presentation of other conclusions that this author has elaborated on until 2022, with the aim to understand the current world scenario from the antisystemic action of international actors against the other centers of power of capitalism. Before, however, I must point out two colleagues who have been essential for the realization of this current re-reading of the antisystemic movements: professors Dr. Ricardo Luigi and Elói Martins Senhores. Prof. Luigi was largely responsible for my theoretical encounter with World-Systems Analysis (WSA) more than a decade ago and encouraged the current version of the text. It was up to Professor Senhoras the critical reading and suggestions made. To both my gratitude. I would also like to point out that the book is directed both to the general public interested in the subject, as well as to undergraduate students in International Relations, Social Sciences, Economics, Geography, and other related areas. But what is the purpose of this book? To understand the current geopolitical, economic, social, and international relations dynamics from a critical dimension. To understand the “background” of the current capitalist systemic transformations we adopt the theoretical point of view WSA (World-System Analysis) of Immanuel Wallerstein and the Introduction.
Keywords: Relações internacionais
Movimentos sociais
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Publisher: Universidade Federal de Pelotas
Citation: PENNAFORTE, Charles. Antisystemic movements and international relations: a theoretical perspective for the understanding of the world-system. Pelotas: Editora da UFPel, 2023.
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Issue Date: 9-Feb-2023
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